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Naval services

The maritime defence industry requires the highest possible standards; MML's knowledge of naval vessels, drawn from years spent within navies around the world, allows us to fully understand the complexities of military requirements.

We're proud of our long-standing association with the New Zealand Ministry of Defence and that we've been selected as programme managers for the overall delivery of remediation work streams, from investigation and modification of fitted systems to improve vessel seakeeping attributes, to relocation of fast rescue boat alcoves.

Our proven track record takes the guess work out of your discrete and bespoke engineering projects. With a team of experienced engineers and project managers, drawn from different disciplines within the navy, we have an in-depth understanding of the factors affecting successful engineering projects.

What that means for you is a project which runs on time and to the standards required.

MML holds NZ Defence Force director of defence security clearance.

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Case Studies

Projects we undertake are varied and carried out in a variety of situations and under different conditions.

HMNZS Resolution

MML has previously acted in the key roles of ship caretaker and ship manager for the Royal NZ Navy’s ship ex HMNZS Resolution.

Marine Nationale

When the French Naval Ship Jacques Cartier conducted a refit at an Auckland dockyard, MML was heavily involved with the scoping of the ship’s work package.

Ministry of Defence - NZ

MML has been selected as the principle programme managers responsible for the overall delivery of significant remediation work streams.

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